Market Rules and Regulations


  • No bicycle riding or skateboarding inside the market fence.
  • No glass beverage containers in the market.
  • Customers and their children must remain in the center aisle, not between trucks and tables.
  • NO low-acid canned foods such as green beans, corn, peas, carrots, etc. may be sold.  In addition no canned tomato products may be sold.
  • In the interest of food safety no live animals are permitted in the market except for those of disabled persons.
  • All produce vendors must use new bags for customer purchases.
  • No smoking in the market enclosure.


  1. The Saturday market runs from 8 AM to Noon from the second Saturday in May until frost.  The market will be closed on Everybody’s Day, the last Saturday in September.  Vendors may arrive between 7 and 7:45 AM to set up.  If a market member/vendor is not present by 7:45 the stall may be given to another vendor on that day.
  2. The Tuesday market runs from 9 AM to 1 PM starting the second Tuesday in June through mid-August.  Set-up will begin at 8 AM.
  3. Each seller is responsible for cleaning up and maintaining safety in the area around his/her selling space including vehicle.
  4. Only members may pay for a reserved space for the season or part of a season.  If a part of a season, the dates must be indicated at time of payment.  It is the responsibility of the member to notify the acting market manager in advance when he/she will not be present on a given market day.
  5. Each market member is allotted one space.  No shared spaces are permitted.  Members representing other members may share space for efficiency.  However, stall and member fees still apply.  If market conditions permit, members may rent a second stall.
  6. The Interim Management Committee will allocate reserved spaces.
  7. Non-reserved spaces will be available and assigned on a first come first served basis by the acting market manager.
  8. Priority for space under the shelter will be given to TFMA members.  In the event of overflow, priority will be given in the order in which requests for space were made.  Overflow vendors provide their own canopies.
  9. Complaints or questions of process may be submitted in writing to the acting market manager or the TFM Interim Management Committee, PACE Group, Inc., PO Box 1485, Thomasville NC 27360.
  10. Any action to be taken will be determined by the Interim Management Committee.  If inspection is deemed necessary, it can be conducted at any time.  A letter will be sent to the market member regarding the nature of any infraction.
  11. Soliciting customers by loudly advertising to get their attention is not allowed at the market.


  • Prices must be clearly posted for all items sold.
  • Market members determine their own prices.  It is recommended that prices reflect accurate and fair value.
  • Only certified organic growers may use the term organic in their advertising at the Thomasville Farmers Market.
  • Vendors must have clear signage indicating the name of their farm or business and location of the farm (city and county).


  1. Groups holding bake sales at the market may not sell produce in the bake sale booth.
  2. Churches and non-profit organizations holding bake sales at the market are exempt from the certified kitchen regulation for baked goods only.
  3. Anyone using scales must have them approved by NCDA.
  4. Vendors offering value-added products (e.g. baked goods, jams & jellies, crafts) must be registered with the NC Department of Revenue, and their DOR certificate must be displayed in their market stall.
  5. Any vendor serving as market manager does not pay the stall fee for the day(s) he/she is the acting manager.